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Night out with Zombies!

An event full of suspense. Would you run or stand and fight! Well your dreams are about to come true. read more
Published: 2018, May 01 / 06:00

New pricing and new games 2018

Starting April 1, 2018, we will be switching things around a bit. Our package options and pricing will change to offer a better value and to better accommodate all types of players. We are also adding many new exciting games to our already extensive catalog. read more
Published: 2018, March 19 / 12:30

Grab your business cards and come meet us

vr territory tech in motion read more
Published: 2017, November 20 / 17:00

Become the greatest ninja warrior and conquer the world

Sairento VR is a mission-driven, VR action role-playing game set in a re imagined Japan in the near future. read more
Published: 2017, October 31 / 06:00

June is coming with awesome new virtual reality experiences

June is coming with awesome new virtual reality experiences - Bjork Digital ; Brian Green ; Universe Sandbox read more
Published: 2017, May 29 / 06:00

Virtual Reality Classroom @ VR Territory

Science enthusiasts from all over the world will participate in a live interactive virtual reality lecture. read more
Published: 2017, May 16 / 08:00

This March - Worldwide VR Competition Starts From VR Territory

Virtual reality games made for active motion control where your pedaling and leaning propel you through race tracks, battlegrounds, soaring skies, and pictorial countrysides in the forms of an F1 driver, a tank commander, a Pegasus, a cyclist, and more. read more
Published: 2017, March 09 / 08:00

Heres What You Need to Know About Tournament Thursdays at VR Territory

Tournaments will take place once a week every week for a month. The ONLY day you are able to participate in tournaments will be THURSDAY. read more
Published: 2017, February 23 / 08:00

Take advantage of Halloween with Virtual Reality

So, the October 28, 2016 is the date when all horror fans in Los Angeles may head to dive into the eerie atmosphere of the game. Compatible with HTC Vive the experience really offer an unforgettable frightening experience and tons of adrenaline during gameplay. read more
Published: 2016, October 26 / 10:00

How Virtual Reality Can Help Kids and Education

It seems that this high tempo generation very soon will be out of place in a traditional school with its slow and gradual pace of teaching. One of the potential intersections between them both may be the learning through playing games. Video games that are considered an enemy of learning, can be transformed into a valuable ally. read more
Published: 2016, September 26 / 09:00

How to take advantage of Virtual Reality with your kids

The child imperceptibly can absorb many new variety of human activities and even the most basic elements of certain professions and also to provoke an interest in a particular sport. read more
Published: 2016, September 26 / 08:00

Virtual Reality - Take Your Kid Off The PC Chair

It has been proven already by science that children who do not learn what is normal for their age at a certain stage of development, it is impossible for them to make up and cope with simple challenges later. read more
Published: 2016, September 08 / 09:00

Room Scale Virtual Reality - The true power of the immersive entertainments

One surprising trend in todays gaming is that gamers prefer - at a ratio of about three to one - to play a cooperative rather than competitive games. This is a really interesting conclusion. Just think about it... read more
Published: 2016, September 07 / 14:00

Training Simulators and Gaming Experience in Virtual Reality

Even ten years ago the virtual reality technology was no longer just an object of scientific research. Currently there are more than a hundred large-scale installations of virtual reality, which are used in various fields of science and technology, solving problems of know-how in fundamental scientific disciplines and highly specialized application areas. With such systems are operating now most of the leading companies like Boeing, Ford, General Motors, VR and many others. read more
Published: 2016, August 16 / 17:30

Virtual Reality Games What you dont know about Oculus Rift

What you probably don't know about virtual reality games is the most important moment in their history, the moment which gave a real push to the industry of VR technologies. read more
Published: 2016, August 15 / 19:00

Live Streaming

What live what currently happens at VR Territory read more
Published: 2016, July 01 / 02:00

[Video] VR Territory - Teaser

Sneak peak into what VR Territory is all about. read more
Published: 2016, June 06 / 08:00

The first set of games you'll be able to enjoy at VR Territory

We are happy to announce the first set of games you'll be able to enjoy in VR Territory. read more
Published: 2016, June 01 / 08:00

Why VR Territory

At VR TERRITORY, we want our consumers to enjoy the best Virtual Reality has to offer without worrying about cumbersome setups, space or money. read more
Published: 2016, May 28 / 13:30