Night out with Zombies!

Hi Everyone,

We have some very exciting announcement to make regarding our upcoming event. An event full of suspense. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be living through a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Wondering what it would be like living in an actual world of WALKING DEAD. Have you ever wondered how you would react when a zombie is walking towards you, ready to EAT you! Would you run or stand and fight! Well your dreams are about to come true.
At VR Territory we are excited to announce a couples night out! Get your guns out and shoot zombies while blowing them to pieces. SIX very lucky couples will be selected to come and enjoy a night of shooting zombies in our state of the art virtual reality experience center in Northridge. Each couple would enjoy an hour long session of virtual reality killing zombies and saving the world, a link to download your video and a special prize.
This event is totally free but to participate in this event the couples must pose as zombies (to kill zombies you have to become one first) and upload their image on our facebook or instagram page. SIX winners will be selected based on the images uploaded so make sure to go crazy and have fun posing as zombies.

Follow us and we will be announcing the winners on social media.

VR Territory @ Facebook VR Territory @ Instagram Join the event!

May the best picture win!

Published: 2018, May 01 / 06:00