Take advantage of Halloween with Virtual Reality

The doubtless glory of Halloween is based primarily on the belief that this is the most ominous night of the year. More and more people think that this is the time when the spirits of the dead roam the earth freely. How this phenomenon has acquired its unquestionable popularity is not clear yet. On the other hand, one thing is certain - that this is the night in which all children can walk safely around the neighborhood unsupervised, dressed in scary costumes and extorting elders for treats.

In the "old days" there were two main things, which undoubtedly existed and looked the same like in our own times: death and taxes. Yes, nowadays, some lucky ones managed to escape taxes, but even now nobody has managed to escape from death.

It's a rock solid fact that Americans annually spend billions of dollars to give live image of corpses, but at the end of October there is a an eagerly awaited switch, when people transformed themselves for overnight into lifeless corpses and zombies.
Most modern practices that used to celebrate Halloween are associating death with fear and fear with death. Long time ago this holy night has turned into a festal period, that leaves its long lasting prints in peoples mind, memory, soul and behavior with its sinister tides of stressful experiences, due to widespread views of haunted spaces, indiscriminately covered with skeletons front yards and more other outbursts of visual bloodshed.
No matter what the relationship is (or was) with some ancient pagan rituals or Christian religious holidays, nowadays the old casual practice to walk around the neighborhood, knocking from door to door dressed as Peter Pan or Tinkerbell, to collect candy and sweets in frayed pillowcases in a lot of places is totally replaced by creepy insanities and those who witnessed such grim Halloween called it the mad night. Usually in such areas it is a night filled with violence, arson, looting and crime.

Nowadays, strange as it may sound, most of the embalmed corpses seem almost more vivid than their respective holders were in the last months of their lives - which is an ironic contrast with zombies and perpetuating the existing of Halloween.

But what could be inculcated in our minds by these society practices?

The right answer is that it's okay to play dead. That it is safe and fun to be disguised in eerie image, to flaunt it in the streets, and scare children and parents. And it is quite normal during that night to pretend that death does not exist at all...

At first glance, this is not another niche market. Nor it is a kind of fun. No. Death has always been and remains a sad reality. Anyone who was born one day will surely die. So, death will always be hateful to people.
The word Halloween is a shortened version of Halloween Night and dates from the time when the Celtic calendar marked the beginning of the new year of the 1-st of November. The last night of the old year was known as the night of sorcery, witchcraft and black magic. Trying to oppose this belief the church marked the day as the Eve of All Saints (the word hallow means holy) and thus draws the dividing line between the virtue and sin.
The word is used for the first time in England in 1556 in Nichols History of London and for centuries is associated with mischievous fun and, occasionally, with bloody cinematic death.
Nevertheless, our society is trying to replace the genuine reality with virtual death with life simulation, and truth - with hypocrisy. But let's make an effort to look at the entire industry, which is bounded with a commercialization of death.
In the UK commercial potential of the day it is extracted much more efficient now, but the equivalent of about $ 500 million sales is quite modest, compared with sales in the US. This year, for example, all sales involved with Halloween are expected to reach 7 billion. All revenues from pumpkins, costumes of ghosts and of course, sales of candles make this day third in a row after Easter and Christmas.
Like always, Hollywood inevitably is aiming to find a way to take a share of the seasonal profit. In 1978 the story of the immortal masked serial killer launched a 10-serial film Halloween. The film generated almost $ 400 million revenue from ticket sales. And while filmmakers prefer to be terrified by villains that refuse to die, many fans of the occult practices spend every 31-rd of October in sessions, trying to contact the spirit of the magician Harry Houdini, who died exactly on this day in 1926. It seems, that it will be a tense night.
Traditionally, the celebration of Halloween in different latitudes is accompanied by carnival parties for the mass public or restricted viewing of horror films - for the more passive fans with foreign customs. What could be better? You may ask. Virtual reality - that's our answer. So, for those who are seeking new experiences during the darkest night of the year, here is an irresistible offer - a huge selection of the most terrible VR games created. Ever.

HTC Vive will plunge into the virtual reality of the Halloween horror

It is symbolic that on the eve of the darkest holiday of Halloween a new VR horror experience for HTC Vive got released - "The Bellows" by Castle Steps. You find yourself in the shoes of a man alone in his home. The storm has been raging for what feels like an eternity, sleep refusing to fully take hold. As your windows clatter open yet again, you feel something isn't quite right. The lights no longer move as they should, the world around you starts to feel threatening... and an unsettling feeling starts to take hold...
The Bellows is a VR Horror experience designed to play like an interactive movie. Plunge yourself into a world of nightmares and fear, and discover just how frightening the past can really be.
Castle Steps and VR Territory gives you the chance to play The Bellows for free. All you need is to attend the game's release party.
So, the October 28, 2016 is the date when all horror fans in Los Angeles may head to dive into the eerie atmosphere of the game. Compatible with HTC Vive the experience really offer an unforgettable frightening experience and tons of adrenaline during gameplay.
And don't forget, that to celebrate the feast everyone need to stock up with plenty of pastries and, of course, to prepare a festive pumpkin.
Published: 2016, October 26 / 10:00