This March - Worldwide VR Competition Starts From VR Territory

Play VR. Get Fit. Win Prizes!

As a leader in the Virtual Reality entertainments, VR Territory constantly strives to bring you the best experiences you could try up to date. In February 2017, we launched our Active VR experience - an innovative gaming mode where you can control your movement with you body motion. You can run, jump and squat in the games by physically doing it in the actual reality.
In March 2017, in a collaboration with our partner virZoom, we launched our vSport experience virZoom is a set of virtual reality games made for active motion control where your pedaling and leaning propel you through race tracks, battlegrounds, soaring skies, and pictorial countrysides in the forms of an F1 driver, a tank commander, a Pegasus, a cyclist, and more.

.. and we are not stopping here ..

Following the virZoom moto "Play VR. Get Fit.", we are attempting to first show you the future of the daily workout by jointing the first global VR competition. Get prepared as it comes in just 1 week!
Compete in virZoom Tank Game Winterstan for your spot at the top of the vSports leaderboards!
Friday March 17th
Sunday March 19th

Your first workout is free!

That's right, by visiting VR Territory, you could have your first 15 minutes workout completely free of charge. It is your chance to beat the competition and show everyone who's the boss!
Slots are on a first come first serve basis. To secure your time/station to participate in this tournament make sure you BOOK your session beforehand
DISCLAIMER: Weekends are busy at VR Territory and we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you if you do not have a reservation.

Of course we have prizes for you!

Real competition in online multiplayer virtual reality on VirZOOM.

Local Prizes

  • 1st Place) $100 Amazon gift card
  • 2nd Place) A voucher for 30 minutes of an Active VR or vSport experience
  • 3rd Place) A voucher for 60 minutes of Immersive VR gameplay

Global Prizes

  • 1st Place) AMD VR-ready PC, HTC Vive and a virZoom VR bike
  • 2nd Place) Fitbit Charge 2


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Published: 2017, March 09 / 08:00