Virtual Reality - Take Your Kid Off The PC Chair

Whether to allow the child to play on the computer and how it is going to reflect on his brains according psychological point of view?
Is it necessary to try not to grow any interest for computer games in way to beware the unwanted addiction and compulsive gambling?
Let's analyze in detail the current issue for all parents' sake. Computer games are not always so useless as it may seem to many of them. There is a lot of games that are fun and which in playful way develop valuable and useful skills. If your child choose the right game, this occupation probably will be in a way more useful than the crap possibility to watch TV and turn to a zombie. Why? Because these games develop strategic thinking, memory and attention to detail (the child must be found keys or bonuses itself). They also develop visual-motor motility (movement coordination), sense of space, visual perception and the most important thing - they develop imagination.
Sometimes the children may be happy to play along with their parents. There are certain types of educational computer games - games in which the child learns letters, numbers, foreign languages, drawing and other useful skills and knowledge. Educational games usually look like bright cartoon movie and sometimes they involve well-known cartoon characters that kids adore.
Racing is one of the most popular boys types of computer games. Virtual races exist in a variety modes of transport - cars, airplanes, space rockets. Equally popular are the sports games, where sitting in a chair, the child becomes a football player, a basketball player, boxer or have a game of tennis, golf, and so on.
The main purpose of other strategic type of games is to destroy all enemies until they did not destroy you. Playing such strategic computer games the child has an opportunity to control entire army, country or... the planet. He can develop plans for military operations, to solve domestic issues (build barracks, "feed" his own soldiers).
To play Quest is a kind of detective investigation where, without using weapons, ones needs to unravel some mysteries.
In general, there are games with gradually increasing complexity levels for all ages.
Among them are the so-called "survival-horror" games. These games are like horror movies and violent action. Thats the dangerous virtually with all safely visible pictures in the computer games, but there is also another side: computer games, where real elements of violence are used and that kind of flash sometimes can cause unwanted bursts of aggression in real life.
While the little child is busy only with games, it will adversely affect the development of his artistic and athletic skills. Often the kid ceases the necessary time for homework, which reduces its performance in school. There are also health problems: lack of physical activity, increased load on the eyes, chronic sleep deprivation. There must be also other problems: if the child dives in the virtual world quite often, it could lose interest in the real world communication. The issue of the negative influence of computer games on children sometimes raises very quickly.
From time to time, in the news we heard horror stories about how influenced by violent computer games children became aggressive and show real nasty behavior frequently.
Yes, the computer games can cause some aggressive outbursts. Some parents are too cautious and for such reasons generally prohibit their children to play with the computer. Doing so, they thereby are making the "forbidden fruit" even more "sweeter". Others pick the opposite extreme - they are not interested at all, what their children are playing with. But one must also admit that among the computer games there are also games for adults, which contain swearing, violence and other not so distinguished features, familiarizing the child with everything which, otherwise, is not allowed in a decent "family".
So, children must be protected from such kind of games, as well as from films and programs with similar content. Some computer games even have a built-in filter that allows parents to reduce the level of violence.
In conclusion, we can say, that the general opinion of some parents: "I do not admit my child to play in any computer games" is not a solution at all!
According to the "experienced" relatives the negative aspects of computer games always outweigh the so-called "benefit" from them. They say that even educational games develop in children, only one thing - a heavy addiction to computer, and... autism. This conclusion was made comparing children playing with real toys or chasing a ball in the street with those which are spending long hours sitting at their computer. Undoubtedly, they will have very different) the appearance, outlook, different facial expressions and manners.
Despite all these fears the era of virtual reality has already begun. After the Oculus Rift, a pioneer in the field of expensive and powerful VR-devices, came Vive, produced by HTC and Valve. Hardly anyones not experienced skepticism about this strange, bulky, futuristic device will be questioned, but in reality it was done better than it was expected by most of the gamers.
But what's new the last generation VR helmets and goggles can offer to customers actually. Above all, these are not only the new dimensions of the devices themselves. The good news is that children now can get up from their beloved chair at the PC and start to perform real physical movements, playing freely on the new platforms and devices such as the Oculus Rift and Vive. We have already mentioned how important is the movement for adolescents and how huge difference in mental and physical activity, it makes, when comparing those infant addicts with those children who are still playing in the backyard popular ancient games like football or basketball, or even with them who still love to read good old paper books and comics.
It has been proven already by science that children who do not learn what is normal for their age at a certain stage of development, it is impossible for them to make up and cope with simple challenges later. Remember the cases of children, raised by animals and what bright future expected those lucky survivors round the corner. The bitter, inevitable result is that all of them could never eventually learn to speak a human language or to think abstractly. That's the cruel truth, we should think about because the myth of Tarzan is a real crap. Such things never happen.
It turns out, that the child, if he or she, do not take certain knowledge being in certain age, (we mean, even simple physical skills like walking, jogging, swimming, jumping, reading, writing and creating even a simple sentence) subsequently cannot learn to do this never.
We can see similar examples everywhere. We just have to look around and ask ourselves why children are falling like pears from a tree while moving even in our living room? And why they are so apathetic, with lazy brains, why is they want to accept everything "cooked" by someone else and hate to seek any creative or answers themselves?
The solution for many parents may be associated with the latest generation of gaming devices for virtual reality creation. They will surely make their children to get up from chairs at the computer and start moving again. Of course, at this stage all movements will be limited, but these are movements for God sake! Do not exclude the option that in the near future similar projects could develop quite successfully the creation of a complete virtual environment in which even the elite athletes, with their extreme physical and mental stress, may start doing their workouts.
Until then let's orient ourselves towards what the market offers at the moment and what we can count on in the near future.
The first copies of the final version of Vive reached customers on 5 April. At the same time everywhere the information media began to make a lot of relevant publications. So, now we can get a complete picture of what is HTC Vive.
The shape of the helmet is already described in a great number of reviews online. Mainly the reviewers noted that the look and feel of the device have come a long way of perfection, but it still remains a little to much large and heavy.
Despite the fact that HTC seriously worked on the design of Vive, the device still seems a bit cumbersome. The Helmet is significantly heavier than Oculus Rift, and there is a lot of wire going from the headphones.
Of course, you can argue about that, whenever you like, but the simple truth is that this is still the best way for VR creation and it has to offer a lot of unforgettable emotions to the customers.
Published: 2016, September 08 / 09:00