We are starting 2017 with a brand new service. VR Territory is now an official Lifeliqe Partner in the field of education.

This page features presentation materials from the official Lifeliqe's web site. Since VR Territory started back in 2016, we already knew the Virtual and Augment realities would reach far beyond the gaming. They brings us a brand new way to interact with the environment and changed forever the world as we knew it. The technology already changed the entertainment industry and now is going to significally improve the education and health care sectors.
We at VR Territory and Lifeliqe are successfully partnering for few months bringing together the Lifeliqe's VR Museum to everyone who wants to experience it in the Los Angeles area. We handled together an educational event back in 2016 and it was a success!
As of 2017, VR Territory is an official reseller of the full set of Lifeliqe's educational software. Furthermore, there are no added fees for the schools and institutions who would trust VR Territory.

Did you know that 65 % of the population are visual learners?

More effective learning and deeper understanding of scientific knowledge

Using interactive 3D content for learning is significantly more effective than traditional textbooks and 2D resources. Studies show that students who use 3D increased test scores by 86 % and improved understanding, attention span and engagement in learning.

Let students create or customize lesson plans with 3D models to help them master science! Sparking memorable lightbulb moments in students has never been so easy!
Interactive and visual learning content based on up-to-date technology empowers educators to build stronger connections with students.
Lifeliqe’s 3D, augmented and virtual reality is transforming learning into a powerful experience. Experiential learning supported by positive connection and lightbulb moments is an ultimate way to grow passion for learning.

Hundreds of 3D lesson plans aligned to curriculum and correlated to the major textbooks!

Lifeliqe includes interactive lesson plans enhanced with 3D models aligned to NGSS and Common Core, while also correlated to the four most commonly used science textbooks

The lesson plans can be customized for the needs of any class by simply using the drag & drop of Lifeliqe models.

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Science class with AR at Freixo School Cluster, Portugal Science class with VR at Alta Vista School, CA, US Special needs education class at Terra Linda High School, CA, US

Spark lightbulb moments with 1,000+ 3D models for STEM

Over 1,000 3D models related to STEM K-12 topics empower teachers to spark lightbulb moments in students and help them master science through visual, hands-on, and deep learning experiences.

Lifeliqe's interactive 3D and augmented reality models, virtual reality, microscopic deep-zoom images and 3D printing excites students learning STEM and helps teachers and parents deepen connections with students while they learn.

It's increasingly difficult to capture students’ attention without the technology they love.

All content is verified by the world’s top universities.

Features empowering you to create, learn and share

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