Interested in joining a new tech wave?

VR Territory is actively looking to License its brand and core system in USA, Canada and Europe. If you are interested in starting a VR Arcade but not sure on where to begin or the steps to take in opening a VR arcade, VR Territory is here to help. Currently we operate multiple locations and will be soon opening one in Varna / Bulgaria , St.Catharines / Canada and Orlando / Florida by the second quarter of 2018. VR Territory is one of the very first arcades dedicated to VR to open in the world, and we have been helping people like you partner with us for a fraction of a cost and have a successful operating VR Arcade.

Given our experience and learning from our mistakes in the past two years, we have come up with a turnkey solution to help you navigate all the pitfalls and open and operate a successful arcade, our management and game license platform is been used by arcades all over the world. Some of the key benefits in partnering with VR Territory:

What we offer:

  • ZERO Franchise Fee during start up
  • ZERO Royalty Fee every month
  • A-Z planning
  • Tested Model and Growth
  • Support
  • Complete management platform (capable of managing non VR attractions)
  • Game License platform

What we would expect from you:

  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Follow the VR Territory requirements and policies
  • Enjoy your new business