Katana X

About This Game

Katana X is a sword simulation action game designed specifically for VR utilizing tracked motion controls. It's a highly accessible game that is easy to get into and strangely addicting once you start. This game takes real physical skill of body control and handeye coordination to get high scores. If you like motion gaming, swordplay, and having a serious workout session, this is the game for you.
Katana X Katana X Katana X Katana X Katana X Katana X Katana X

Cool Features

  • Physics based, realistic cutting simulation - cut precisely, how you want, and where you want
  • New fruit cutting training modes, to get familiar with the basics of the game
  • Multiple fruit modes with a completely reworked spawning system
  • Multiple new tatami mat cutting challenges
  • 2 unique scenes with day and night settings
  • Customize your swords with six changeable blades (katana or ninjat variants) and three handles (shirasaya, cane, classic katana fitting)
  • Enjoy immersive, highly detailed 3D graphics and 3D positional audio in VR
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